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Welcome to my online shop. If you are looking for magic tricks to add to your shows and amaze your spectators and clients. Or if you only want to blow the mind of your family and friends this is your shop. All the tricks you will find here are on my repertoire during years. And are tested on real audiences. This is magic that really works

On my shop there are two sections

The classic shop, where you will find physical tricks that I created and manufactured. All you buy here will be shipped to you by post

The digital shop, where you will be able to buy and immediately download it

Do not worry about what you bought because everything comes with an explanatory video to easily understand how the trick work. Even, if you have question you can contact me and I will solve your queries.

Where do you want to start?

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Safety Unlink

Would you like to perform a non-stop magic trick?

Would you like your audience remembers you and your magic?

Would you like to present an original effect?

If so, this is definitely your trick. This is more than a safety pin routine. This is complete act with a clear start and surprising ending. A trick to blow your audience minds. You will discover new ways to links and unlinks safety pins. And some of the links will happen on spectator’s hands. Everything is explained in detail on a video that you will receive on your email

This trick includes
-A bag to carry the safety pins
-All the safety pins you need to perform this routine
-Two gimmicks
-Explanatory video 
39,95€ starting price (shipping included)
Dificult: Medium easy



Vanish is two things for the price of one. A cool and strong effect and at the same time two novel techniques to include on your shows

This is the classic card on window. But with this version you will not need extra expensive stuff nor confederates. You will be able to perform an incredible effect that will increase your . The way the card vanish from magician’s hand is visual it will cause a stir on your spectators. But not only this, you will be able to let spectator to rip the card in four pieces clearly. I performed this effect on TV and when I am booked to perform magic on privates houses. It’s a killer

18,99€ plus shipping
Dificult: Easy

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Ferran's Classics

The Mini Deck

This is latest Ferran Rizo Best seller. Just imagine remove the deck from card-case and suddenly it becomes small. Yes, you can make the card-case shrink full of view. But not only this. You will be able to made the whole deck shrink. There is no better way to start a magic season

It includes two gimmicks and an on-line link to the explanation

25€ plus shipping


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Naton or the magic pad

NATON is a versatile pad, that will let you transform a draw in something real and hand to spectator. You will be able then, to put back into the pad and it will become a draw again. Even can tear the page and give as a souvenir

A very visual and powerful effect!

The routine come with the pad, and all you need to perform the effect. You will have, also a link to an on-line explanation to the effect

25€ plus shipping


Naton, nataly's version

Nataly Magician, has her own versión of the same effect. She does a lovely routine whereby produces a few coins. Then, she uses the pad to make appear a bank note. And after that, she made appear a credit card that can hand to spectators to see is a real one. Complete and magical routine

The routine come with the pad, and all you need to perform the effect (except credit card and banknote). You will have, also a link to an on-line explanation to the effect

20€ plus shipping

The X cards

The Ten Cards or Cards Across is a classic in magic. Three cards disappear and appear in a packet of ten cards that a spectator has count and keep in his hands

Ferran’s version is especially clear as you will be able to show your hands empty during the routine. Spectators choose three cards without touching the deck, just memorize it. Despite of this the chosen cards travels. At the end another spectator could examine the deck and see that there are no extra cards at all. This a very easy version but incredible powerful for the audience

This routine contains two gimmicks and an on-line link to the trick to learn how to do it

15€ plus shipping

Do you perform on corporate events?

Do you perform on corporate events?
If so, would you like to do something personalized for them? NATON is what you are looking for. Whit this pad you will be able to draw the company logo and transform it in a real one that will hand to your audience

Even, you would be able to make your own business cards made appear. When someone ask you for a business card, you take the pad and begin to write your address on it. Then you stop and transform into a real one that obviously you will be able to hand to spectator
If you have any question or want more info just drop us a line

Digital Downloads

Access for a few coins to Ferran Rizo latest effects. You will have an automatic entry to the explanatory video

Other Ferran's classic effects

More Effects


Love Test

Love test is a Wild Card trick with an original twist. I was presented exclusively on UK Lecture Tour where we sell all the stock. Now we produced again

It included the material and an on-line link to the explanation

15€ plus shipping


Rising Cards

This is Ferran Rizo dreamed version of this classic plot. The deck can me examined at the beginning and at the end. Even you can give as a souvenir. Two cards rise and even a thought one

Include two gimmicks and an on-line video

15€ plus shipping


The Cup

This is Ferran Rizo versión of this the fantastic prop the Chop-Cup. A version that will deceive your spectators and even fellow magicians. It has a surprised finish
Included a special bag to perform the trick

25€ plus shipping


King Father

King Father is an Ace Assembly very visual, where three cards disappear in an stunning way and join its father, the King of the Deck

The routine included the special cards you need to perform the trick and a on-line video to the explanation

15€ plus shipping


Phoenix Paper

This is a really amazing and visual effect. Your spectators will never forget this one. The magician shows a smoking paper. Spectator takes one and tears. With the pieces made a ball. Suddenly the ball ignites and restore completely

Included the smoking paper and the instructions

30€ plus shipping

Natur Box

"A classic box turned into a novelity"

natur Box 2.0

This innocent box is a creation of Ferran Rizo and with it you will be able to perform a lot of different tricks with cards, coins, keys, bank notes…

Originally, it was conceived to perform the Card-to-the-Box plot. Ferràn has created two different versions that are explained on the booklet that comes with the box. But we advise you. With Natur Box you will be able to do things that other boxes do not let you do

-You can show the box empty at the beginning and made travel anything into the box
-You can use any card, it does not matter what brand. With other boxes you will be able to the trick with only one brand and color. But with Natur Box you will be able to do with ANY one at any moment
-The card inside the box is a REAL one
-You can show the box for all the sides at the beginning or at the end of the routine

With Natur Box you will be able to do not only magic with cards but coins, bills, papers, rings, keys…

Each box is hand-made specially for you with the colors of your choice

Includes a hand-made personalized Natur Box, a bag and a booklet where explain the handling, and different routines

60€ plus shipping 

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