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Ferran Rizo's last book is no longer available has been completely sold during his last tour over UK. Have a look to another publications of the autor

my new book

A magical Journey to The Moon is ready. I worked very hard on this book to give you one of my best magic tricks taken from my own repertoire. Close-up magic that has been tested on real performances. Also I would like to share a few of my last coin creations refined during the pandemic
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Will be officially presented during my UK Lecture tour

But you can get it now and discover all my magic secrets. If you order during July you will be able to access to the second promo that included one gift and still a reduced price. Hurry up, get it before promo ends

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 31th July so hurry up, keep reading!!!

UPdate #2

In this update Ferran rizo will unveil the card tricks you will find on the book. Just have a look to the video
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Update #5 

Here you will find Ferran telling you what coins tricks you are going to find on his book. Just have a look and enjoy his coin work

What's inside?

More than 200 pages, five card tricks, six coin effects and two non-card/coin tricks. Everything explained on detail with artistic hand made pictures. You will love the cool stuff inside but also the book itself


Update #3

Have a look at the non-card/coin work you will find on Ferran's Book, on this video.  Those effects are taken from his own repertoire

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This promo has finished, but keep reading we have another one

-A free digial download. Select one of Ferran's effects and have free acces to it
-A 1 hour on-line free class to learn one of the tricks of the book with Ferran Rizo as teacher
-A hand-made gimmick to perform one of the tricks 
-A discount over the book. The price now is 28€ plus shipping but when promo ends will be 35€ plus shipping and will have no gifts at all

(books will be shippen when promo ends, fall June)


How to buy

The price of the book during the promo is 30€ (when promo ends will be 35€ and will have no gifts) shipping depends of your country

7€ Spain
12€ Europe/UK
17€ USA/Canada/South America and Asia

Just clic on one of the options depending where the book should be shipped. If you prefer you can send us a message (see bellow the contact form) and we will create a Pay Pal link with the correct price that will be sent to you


New promo with gift

Get your copy of A Magical Journey to the Moon before 31th of July and you will receive one free download trick from my digital version and a reduced price of 30€ over the regular price of 35€. Hurry up, promo ends doon

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35 plus Shipping
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30 plus shipping
  • One trick from Digital Section (free)
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€  28 per year
  • One trick from Digital Section (free)
  • A Free online Class to learn one of the tricks on the book
  • A Gimmick to perform one of the effects
  • Reduced price

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Other books by the author

Discover other books by Ferran Rizo


Back With the Rizos

This book was written by
Ferran Rizo for the 2019 UK lecture Tour. You will enjoy six amazing close-up
magic effects plus a hidden one. Will you find it?


The Ten Cards
The Three Powers
The Love Test
The New Hopping Halves
The Spliting Four
The Drawer

15€ plus shipping


with the rizos again

We have two version of this book, printed version and eBook. E-book is a bit cheaper and you will get from Apple Store. Follow the link bellow


An article about Magic Theory
The Theatre Play: A version of Card to the Box Plot
The Washed Deck: Nudist Deck without gimick cards
Rising Cards: A clean version from begining to end
Musical Coins: Coins appear from an empty coin purse frame then vanish

Due the success of this book we have made a re-print, but only a few left. We have it in ebook format too. Check the link

€15 plus shipping
(Shipping will be added after the order)
10€ Europe
12€ USA
15€ Rest of the word


With The Rizos

First book written in Spanish language about Ferran Rizo's Magic


DesRizando el Rizo

Second book written in Spanish language by Ferran about his magic. It does not contains the same material as With the Rizos


Con Ferran Rizo

First book written in Spanish language about Ferran's Magic



A book written by Ferran Rizo about the magic of his friend Alberto de Figueiredo


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