my new book

A magical Journey to The Moon is almost ready. I worked very hard on this book to give you one of my best magic tricks taken from my own repertoire. Close-up magic that has been tested on real performances. Also I would like to share a few of my last coin creations refined during the pandemic


Will be relased during my UK Lecture tour

If you want to learn my secrets or just simply help me with this project you can pre-reserve the book and win three gifts and a special discount. The pre-reserve is free. Pre-reserve today by mail and pay in June. There will be limited books, so hurry up!!!

1st June

UPdate #2

In this update Ferran rizo will unveil the card tricks you will find on the book. Just have a look to the video
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Update #5 

Here you will find Ferran telling you what coins tricks you are going to find on his book. Just have a look and enjoy his coin work

Every week a new piece of info

complete contest of the book


Update #3

Have a look at the non-card/coin work you will find on Ferran's Book, on this video.  Those effects are taken from his own repertoire


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35 plus Shipping
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With Promo

28 plus shipping
  • One trick from Digital Section (free)
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  • A Gimmick to perform one of the effects
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