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It is very easy, just enjoy the performance. If you like the trick and want to know the secret, just pay only 5€ and will receive on your email an access to an on-line tutorial where Ferran will explain in detail the effect. If you have any question you can contact us. ONLY IN ENGLISH AND SPANISH language 

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Magic Makes the word go around

This a novel effect created by Ferran Rizo where three coins appear one-by-one into the folds of cloth. Then, three coins appear under it in a impossible way and the effect is repeated one more time. On the table there is nine coins. To finish a shower of golden coins appear from the cloth. A novel a refreshing effect to your repertoire. Level of the trick: Medium 
€ 7,95

The Alchemist Dream

This a personal version of classic plot where copper coins transform into silver one. But this is a very special version as you can change the coins and show clearly all the sides. You will be able also to table full of view the transformed coins. Then at the end all the coins will change clearly into copper one. A truly miracle done in a clear way. Your audience will love it. Very easy to perform.
€ 7,95

The Colour of Notes

The Colour of Notes is a great and original effect of Ferran Rizo. An impossible and novel effect in which you will be able to make appear 6 coins, dollar size, from a bank note. No strange movements, only pure magic. But not only this, finish the effect with a shower of coins that your audience will not aware where it comes from
€ 7,95

The E-coins Pay

The E-Coins Pay is new effect created by Ferran Rizo. We using our phones to pay, so why not to make disappear the coins with the mobile? With this effect you will perform a truly miracle. Show a purse empty, then make disappear clearly three coins. Open the purse and coins will be there
€ 7,95


This is a Ferran original idea, where impossible becomes possible. Magician show a piece of cardboard with a slit. He slides a coin inside and vanishes. He turns the carboard other side and he is able to take out the coin from the slit. Finally, the coin is inserted where should not and appear in other place. Very powerful and very easy to perform
€ 7,95 

Nataly's Mirror

This is Ferran Rizo verion of Paul Harris effect Twilite and Tayari concept. You will close one dollar five times using a mirror then vanish all the coins. A very powerful and magic trick to learn
€ 7,95 

Robert-houdin Candle

This is a version of Robert-Houdin trick where a coin appear from a lit candle. Ferran Rizo has created his own version and adapted to our century. Three coins appear with a flash of fire then disappear clearly on the candle. As a big finish a bunch of bank notes appear from the smoke of the candle when is blow on it. Everything is explained on detail on the digital download
€ 7,95

Money Money money

The old-fashioned magician takes from its wallet four credit cards that place clearly on the table. Then he reveals that under each card is a coin. The four coins are staked on the centre of the table. He takes a tube made of dollar bills and cover the pile. Magically the coins one by one are send back to the credit card. As a big finish the last coin transform into a golden one. And a bunch of golden coins appear under the tube. A truly visual and magical effect

Magic for the serious student. You will learn all the routine details 
€ 7,95

If i were a rich man

This is completely original a new idea. Ferran takes a credit card from an empty purse frame. Then three coins appear under it to disappear completely in an instant. The routine finishes placing the credit card again into the purse frame. A truly miracle

You will receive a link to an online video where explain the trick in detail
€ 7,95

Drawers Dreams 2.0

This is the latest version of Ferran Rizo classic effect where three coins are draw and appear clearly on his palm. In this version only one coin appear but it disappear bit by bit as it is erased with the pen’s eraser

€ 7,95

Drawers Dream original

The magician draws a coin on the palm of his hand and it appear. This is repeat twice. At the end, the magician, clearly erase all the coins
€ 7,95 

The Great escape

A signed coin is placed clearly between two silver one on spectator’s palm. Suddenly it disappears and appear on an empty box. This is Ferran Rizo version of Larry Jennings’s Mystery Card. A truly miracle to spectators
€ 7,95

Partagras sxxi

This is a classic plot in magic, the magician tries to find three of a kind of a selected card without looking at its face. Seems the magician fails, but suddenly all the cards change to the correct one. A classic plot with a new twist
€ 7,95 


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