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The new royal coin training

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A new way to learn coin magic

Royal Coins Training

Became a Coin Expert in the confort of your own home. Wherever you are and regardless your age. This coin training is for you...

◉ 12 Coin Lessons plus 4 Extra Bonus
◉ 100% practical content (magic that you can really perform)
◉ Three basic techniques plus more than 15 different sub-techniques that you can use on other coin effects
◉ More than 12 coin effects created to learn basic techniques
◉ On-Line course adapted to you
◉ Classes with real teacher or online videos, you choose
◉ Extra Bonus: A free consultation session 
◉ Extra Bonus: An special free consultation to help you to create your own coin routines for your shows
◉ Extra Bonus: A free theatre class to present your shows
◉ Extra Bonus: A free body language class to create your own coin routines with music
◉ 15 days warranty
◉ indiviual classes
◉ limited places
◉ WhatsApp group for questions
◉ Facebook group
◉ Online videos 

Ferran Rizo


Hurry up, book your place now. Training start soon and we have limited places

Royal Coin Training

the course


We will start this trip together with the basic sleights of Coin Magic. The Finger Palm, the Italian Palm and the Classic Palm will be your best friend. You will learn this movements following my own personal method that I developed during the last ten years

To become a master of coins you have to learn first the basics. If you only learn separate movements you will make the same mistake as me, wasting your time and efforts instead of focus on the basics. And we don’t want this, isn’t ?

You will learn the basic and then master the movements just practicing with tricks that I crated specially to this training

Also I will teach you different variations of the basic sleights and once you master them though my effects you will be ready to go to the next step. I will follow you every week, giving you advices, monitoring your progress and being sure you master every movement. Because my aim is that you became an expert on Coin Magic at your home. 

But this is not only about tricks or coin sleights I really want you learn magic, so we will teach you how to present on real audiences. When you finished this Coin Training you will be able to present an amazing magic season with only coins in front real audiences

I will follow you during this magic journey, Are you ready?

Yeah, let’s go!!!

Ferran Rizo

The teacher

Ferran Rizo

Let me tell you something about me that surely you don’t know. I grew up in a small town near Alicante (Spain). At that time there was not internet, no YouTube and no magic clubs. There was no way to learn magic but I was determined to became a magician

My first contact with magic was at 7 reading a book that was not related about it but it contains a few effects. When I performed in front a small audience, the experience was so satisfying that I start a seek of more magic.

When I was 14, I started a course, ruled by Master Juan Tamariz and I begin my real magic journey. Almost at the end of it I learned my first coin tricks I remember I was so exited

Soon I discover that coin magic was completely different to card magic. When I bought my first coin books I studied them seriously mastering any movement, any secret contained there

Unfortunately my first and following performances was a big disaster, doing a lot of mistakes. I feel so annoyed that I almost give up. I keep practicing movements and routines but never showed on audiences. I just focused on my card magic

I was so determined to learn coin magic and my will was so strong that after a lot of years I begin to show my coin work. And very slowly I developed my own style and effects. Learn coin magic is not easy, the concept is different from cardmagic it does not follow the same rules you have to approach to it in a different way. But if you finally are determined as me to learn it, the fruits will worth the efforts 

For this reason I created this training to share what I received and help fellow magicians who don’t dare, as me at the beginning to join the amazing world of coin magic

The door is open, if you follow me during three months i will help you to learn the basic of this ancient art. It does not matter how old are you, it does not matter how much time you have, if you want to learn coin magic, this Coin Training is for you


$ soon
  • Pay every month (3 months)
  • 12 classes and 12 coins tricks
  • Four Bounus extra classes

  • Online videos


$ soon
  • Pay the complete training 
  • 12 Lessons and 12 coin tricks
  • Four bonus extra classes

  • Online videos


$ Soon
  • You wil have a discount for paying the complete course
  • 12 classes and 12 coin tricks
  • four bonus extra classes
  • Online videos

  • Real Classes not online videdos (restricted to 10 stutends per month only)


RCT is a personalized coin training in which thought 12 lessons you will learn the basic techniques of coin magic and different variations applied to tricks. We have different levels depending your skills. This training follow a new method to learn coin magic properly. Also you will learn how to speak and present your magic in front an audience

Is suitable for every body, it does not matter your age or how much you know about magic or where do you live... if you are seriously interested on coin magic and want to know its secrets this is your training

Yes, it does not matter how much you know about magic. It does not matter if you know card magic or coin magic. The training is suitable for newbies and experts

Yes, because on your first class you will have a consultation lesson where we will see your knowledge level and we will adapt our classes to you

This is a personalized Coin Training only for you, and our teachers will teach only to you. But if you want learn coin magic with a friend and he/she is in enrolled in the course you can both have the class the same day at the same time. We have parents that study with their sons, boyfriends with girlfriends and friends with other friends. But the maximum students per class is three

We adapt to your schedule, you will choose the day of the week and the time slot you want to start your training and we will fit in our class schedules. That day and slot time will repeat every week during the duration of the Coin Training


More FAQ

No, if you give notice to us you will not loose any lesson. On your next day class you will receive the lesson you miss

No, it is not. The course start with the basics, and you will learn easy at home step by step. You will master the techniques by the tricks we created to this coin training

This is a lifetime course, you can stop whenever you want and resume whenever you preffer

After each lesson you will receive a link to a explanatory video of the learned trick

You have a Whatapp Facebook group for consults. Also a private Whatapp and email to solve all your questions with your teacher

You can pay by
-PayPal (using your account or your credit card)
-Bank Transfer

Still questions?


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