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Welcome to my magic world 

"The role of the magician is like the ancient headlamps of the classic world. Light up the path that the spectator must follow  to reach his destination. The end of the journey should be the magic world that the magician has created

To join that magic world there is is a door that is open for a short period of time to our spectators.  It is an invitation to an extraordinary adventure where the impossible becomes the usual. Is like a daydream ruled by our mind..."

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What I am doing?

I am a magician and I bottle the emotions you need for every important moment of your life. Because an experience is something that will be with you forever


To do it, we offer a wide variety of personalized shows and services, adapted to your needs. It is impossible you didn’t find what you are looking for


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Coin Expert

I am a magician specialized on coin magic. I create my own coin tricks that I sell worldwide 

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International Lecturer

I start my career as a lecturer in Spain years ago. Now I toured UK, Europe and USA

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Coin Trainer

I created my own coin course to learn coin magic properly from the beginning

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Coin Magician Creative

Day Vernon  said “Be different and perform tricks that no other magician does” This quote followed me always. And although I learn a lot of magic from books and other magicians, I always wanted to create my own tricks and distinguish from my fellow wizards

Coin magic is my passion and I invest all my magic life creating new effects, handlings, and developing new ideas. I always have a coin trick popping my head trying to get off my brain

I wrote several books that included my personal Coin Magic. I developed my own Coin Magic Training to teach other people how to do Coin magic. And also I created my own line of coin magic sets that included always tricks created by me. If you are interested you can visit my online shop or send me a message

As I love to create my tricks, I publish my new creations on my social media let me share a few creations with you. But feel free to follow me. I would be a pleasure tell you hello  

Video Description

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Be the King of Coins at home

I start doing coin magic when I was nine years old and in my beginnings I felt a bit frustrated because my audiences (family and friends) discovered always how the trick was done. I was so disappointed that I stop doing Coin Magic, although I never stopped learning new tricks. Years later I discover why my coin magic does not worked well. It was because I put the cart before the house. I wanted to learn new tricks without knowing the basics on Coin Magic

It takes me a lot of years and effort to learn this but when I start doing Coin Magic properly all joy and happiness that receive performing it really worth the efforts

I created a Coin Course to help people that are on the same situation as I was. If you have tried to approach to coin magic and you have a bad experience or you want to learn and master it, or simply you want to improve your skills this is your training

Remember, on this Coin Training I will be with you always to teach you properly the secrets of this ancient art 

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