...to my secret library. Now you are my guest, please feel free to take any book and read it. But please put it back where it was, when you finish reading 

I love read magic books, to me is an earthly pleasure take a book and learn. In the past, when the internet does not exit, it was the only way to learn our art. Specially for me, a small boy that lived in a small town far from everything. I grow reading books, and I always wore books with me wherever I go. Sometimes it was not practical, because carry books in A4 format with more that 400 pages was a heavy problem. When, online books appear, I found they were quite practical. You can carry as much books as you want on your Ipad without getting tired. 

Here is a collection of books that I will bring with me if I went to a desert island. I highly recommend start with Robert Houdin, it contains cards and coins and pretty cool tricks that you can perform today with slightly variations. Nelson’s books are very interesting to read as Professor Hoffmann too. If you have any questions just ask me
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The Secrets of Conjuring and Magic

Written by Robert Houdin you will find card and coin magic that you will be able to perform today

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Modern coin Manipulation

A classic from T.Nelson Down and a very interesting book to read. I think that this is a book that has not been explored yet

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Tricks with Coins

Anther classic book by T.Nelson Down, it contains very nice tricks, techniques and ideas that you don't see often. I love this book

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More Magic

More Magic was edited and published by Professor Hoffmann, and you will discover a lot of magic in there. If you need inspiration, this is your book

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Effective Card Magic

On this book you will find very nice card tricks. Most of then need no preparation and almost not technique

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The Expert at the Card Table

This was Dai Vernon favorite book, it catch the master mind. It included gambler's techniques that you can transform into magicians tools. Also you will find magic tricks

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Our Magic

Maskelyne and Devant was at the end of XIX century the best magic team. His creations and the way they present they magic illusions was incredible. This book worth a read to try to find why

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Stars of Magic

Not much can be said about this book, because is really fantastic. Say something is not necessary. If you never read it, take it and enjoy real magic

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The Art of Magic

This book is a real gem. It contains a lot of quality magic. You will find different effects and ideas. I you decide to read it, have look to Rising Cards section

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