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What's the deal?

Black Friday is coming

Deal start 24th November. And you will have only four days to get it

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Do you want to know?

What is the deal 

-Five of my tricks that included cards and coins
-Online library with magic books in PDF format
-A free online class to answer all you question about the tricks
-A special discount for my upcoming book (next year)
-Free access to my Telegram Group
-And… for the first 20 who open the door a special gift. The same gift to my newsletters subscribers


have a peek

Deal ends

YOu have until 28th November to enjoy this incredible and unique deal. Hurry up, Black Fridays doos open only once a year

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Show me the magic

what tricks are you going to learn


Two Fingers Coin Color Change

This is a very powerful and magical short trick. You show a coin, and passing two fingers over it, clearly changes its color. A trick that you can perform everywhere just alone or included on long routine 

The New Drawers Dream 3.0

If you follow me on FB or Instagram surely you will now that I have a lot of versions about the same subject a coin is draw with a pencil then erased. To me this is the ultimate version. Clearly you draw two coins on the table that materialize on real ones. Then take the coins and one by one you erase it until they disappear. A very nice trick to study and learn 

The Great Escape

I really love perform this effect. I almost included on all my shows and private events. This is a very powerful effect to the audience, as magic happens on his hands. And the best part is that is not difficult to perform. What more can you ask for? The effect is like this. You remove a copper coin from a box or pocket, then is marked for later identification. The marked coin is placed between two silver one and is left on spectator’s hand. Magically the copper one disappear from spectators hand. And then you can remove clearly from the box or pocket

Turning The Cards

On this super sale I will include two of card tricks taken from my personal files. Two unpublished tricks that I perform only when I want amaze someone. A spectator takes a small pack of cards and shuffle it face-up and face-down. He takes half of the pack and shuffle again. It does not matter how many cards he turns up or down you will always guess it. You will be able to repeat the effect three times each time clear than the other. I fooler trick 

Amazing Transposition

This is an impossible transposition effect, but at the same time it has a ACAAN flavor. A shuffled pack of cards is cut in half and a portion selected. Spectator chooses a number and pass as many cards as the chosen number. The card at that position is show. Meanwhile the other half is placed inside the cardcase. The selected card vanishes and reappear face-up on the other pack

And what else...?


You will have an special discount voucher to buy upcoming Ferran Rizo's book

On-line library

Access to an online library with magic books on pdf format

Free on-line class

You will solve all your questions with a personal and private class with me

A gift for the first twenty

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Telegram group

Be part of our community joining my Telegram group. Share your magic, ideas or questions on the group

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  • Five downloadable tricks
  • Online library
  • Free class for questions
  • Telegram Group
  • Special discount for next Ferran Rizo's Book
  • Free gift (only first 20)
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  • Five downloadable tricks
  • Online library
  • Free class for questions
  • Telegram Group

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